Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Delivery by EMS


Q: How long does it take to receive my order?


A: Every item is handmade and only one item made by the artist. 

After receiving your order, the artist will order a special wooden box for it. 


And after signing it, he packs and ships it. 

Therefore, please be understand that it will take at least two weeks to arrive.



Q:Can I specify the delivery date?


A:Delivery date can not be specified.



Q:Will you deliver my order to any location other than a home address?


A:Yes. Please enter the exact address you want your item to be sent

to when you place your order.



Q:I have not yet to receive my order. What do I do?


A:Please send us an email with your order number

and we will immediately investigate and get back to you.



Q:I have ordered a few pieces of pottery. How will the delivery be made?


A:If the order of the pottery pieces are from the same artist,

we can deliver them in one shipment.



However, if the order are from different artists, and if the appointed date of delivery is remarkably different,

we will ship to you on the different delivery dates.



Q:How do I pay the customs duty ?


A:The customs duties, other import duty and a customs clearance handling charge

are sometimes imposed at the time of customs clearance in customer's resident of country to ceramic.



A handling charge in the case will be customer's burden,

so please pay the charge to the delivery trader directly at the time of ceramic's arrival.






Q:Please tell us about the pottery insuranced.


A:It is guaranteed because we join the insurance of the postal business.






Q:How will the pottery be packed?


A:The pottery will be packed in the wooden box with cushioning material,

furthermore,wrapped securely it in a corrugated carton.



Q:Would you wrap the pottery for the gifts?


A:We don't have special gift packing, but you can also use as the gifts with strictly packed.





Q:Can I add on to my order?


A:After payment, all new additions will be considered a new order.

If you have questions, please send us an email.



Q:Can I cancel an order?


A:Yes, please send us an email with your order number with a request to cancel the order.



However, if the pottery has been packed and is during the course of shipment,

please return it to us after you receive the pottery.



Q:When the pottery is returned, who incurs the return shipment charges?


A:The returned shipment charges will be incurred by the customer.



Q:I have placed my order. Can I change the delivery destination?


A:Please send us an email with your order number and new delivery address.

We can make the change before packing is completed.



However, once the order has been shipped, we will not be able to make the change.

Please understand.






Q:Would you issue a receipt?


A:Yes, we would. We will issue a receipt and send it to you.






Q:How do I log in?


A:Please enter your email address and password in the login screen.



Q:I would like to confirm the order at the internet.


A:We send you an email after you place the order.

Please ask us when you need more information by email(  



Q:I didn’t take the email after I placed my order.


A:Possibly wrong mail address is entered.

Please inform us for this time.