The World of Tamotsu Funakoshi    






Mr. Funakoshi creates his artworks in Hachioji,Tokyo.

Although Funakoshi's artworks are earthy like Shigaraki and Iga, they are distinguished from expression of so called tea pottery.


His artistic style is naturalism developed from learning nature with his own eyes. 

The bowls produced from his hands have shapes that are as cut off from a part of nature.


That impression might be from most of his artworks are exhibited as flower vase. 

A single living plant that has been inserted in a clay of burnt soil―that harmony has beauty in his artworks.  




Tamotsu Funakoshi Born in Kiryu City in 1946. In 1987, at the age of 40, he began to launch a pottery.

A solo exhibition was held at the first solo exhibition Nishiazabu "Toukyo" in 1990 and others. 


Being 40 years old he was doing work related to design until he started cropping.

A sense of incompatibility and edge in his artwork make you feel new wind.


By using a red pine-fired hole kiln and a handmade hole oven, it gives the taste of nature, kindness and strength into his artworks. 

Plates and jars made by the edelectric kiln is not bad but it is more precious to have only one pottery and it is very in line with today's society.


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Mr Funakoshi is playing the flute at the festivalJizo which was bathed in autumn sunshineWild flowers in black potteryHanging flowers at the pottery entrance
Funakoshi is firing his kettleStatue of a ladyCut barrels
Cut barrels
Cut barrels
 Cut barrels  Cut barrels

 Cut barrels