The World of Kaori Azuma



She uses white clay as a material.



After sculpting the molded work into an ellipse, she covers it slightly with white soil and scratches it spirally with a needle.


This elliptical pattern is drawn by imagining the shell of the ocean, and it expresses the swirl pattern of shining shells on the beach.


On the surface of the work there are delicate irregularities, and when it reflects on the light glittery shine is seen.


Through the work, she is expressing her unique world view, delicacy, femininity, not just a pattern.


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Career & Award 



2011    Selected for the 45th Female Ceramic Art Exhibition year


2012 52nd East Japan traditional craft exhibition selected 


2013  Heisei 24 Ibaraki prefecture art festival art Exhibition selection

    The 22nd Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition selection · Selected the 1st Ceramic Exhibition

    The 53rd East Japan traditional craft exhibition Received incentive award 

    Selected for the 60th Japanese traditional craft exhibition

    Two people exhibition at the restaurant (Yamaguchiro Mito)


2014    Heisei 20th Ibaraki prefecture art festival art exhibition prize winning prize

            Japanese Cuisine and Contemporary Ceramics

          - Japanese Food World Intangible Cultural Property Registration Memorial -

            At the Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum

            First solo exhibition at Mito Keisei department store

            Selected 2nd Ceramic Exhibition

            Selected for the 54th East Japan traditional craft exhibition


2015    2014 Itami International Craft Exhibition "Sake cup · drinking cupboard" Winning

            55th East Japan traditional craft exhibition selected


2016    The 33rd Long-term Awards Tokono Ceramic Art Exhibition Selected 

            56th East Japan traditional craft exhibition selected

            The 4th Ceramic Exhibition 14th Kagakonemon Memorial Prize Winner

            The 63rd Japanese traditional craft exhibition selection

            NHK BS TV "Ippin" interview broadcasting 2017

            Modern tea ceremony at Ibaraki prefecture ceramics art museum

            Isetan Shinjuku at main building

             Selected for the 64th Japanese traditional craft exhibition

             Brilliant pot - 7 women expressed by ceramist - at Ginza Wako

            Selected the 7th Kikuchi Biennale