The World of Satoshi Sutou




He mixes the two types of clay, shapes it, puts on white makeup, then applies a white glaze to produce a deeply earthy white.


His work is engraved and small points are pushed carefully one by one before the soil dries.


He is trying to express the stereoscopic effect throughout the work, aiming at the gradation effect by subtly changing the size of the point on the work.



Altough the modeling of his work is imaged hard and linear crystals, he is consciously trying not to forget the likeness of earthy objects.



He is aiming for manufacturing that can impress people.



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Career & Award

Born in 1976 Ibaraki prefecture Shimodate city (now Chikusei city)

Studied under Mr. Hiro Kikuchi in 2001

Graduated from Ibaraki Prefecture Ceramics Guidance Institute Form I Department in 2004

Studied under Ito Higashi Hiroaki in 2004

Ibaraki prefecture art festival art exhibition 2007 selection (2007-09 year 10 years selection)

Selected for the 48th East Japan traditional craft exhibition 2008

Independence at Kasama in 2009

Selected for the 56th Japan traditional craft exhibition 2009

Selected for the 57th Japanese traditional craft exhibition 2010

Ibaraki Prefecture Art Festival Art Exhibition Encouragement Prize Selected for the 51st East Japan traditional craft exhibition 2011

Selected for the 52nd East Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition 2012

Ice International Craft Exhibition Winner The 5th Kikuchi Biennale Winner First selection of ceramics exhibition in 2013

The 53rd East Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition Winner