The World of Koichi Iinuma

Bubble design in silver painting is a technique of forming clay by hand making, and baking the whole mat on a black mat glaze, then painting silver and then baking it.

The pattern born from the fire covers the skin of the vessel with bubble-like silver.

Bubble design in silver painting is the name of the pattern.I usually have something I always think about in my work creation.

That is whether a pattern is first , or a shape is first. Among those two ideas, the making of mine is established.

The pattern is made up of lines and curves, or it is composed by combining shapes of circle, triangle, suquare, and halved or quarter.

The basic thing in making shapes is variation of "line" and "side". If the image comes up without doing any drawing, I will build up the soil by hand making.

The idea changes constantly every moment, it is finished up to a comfortable place for myself.

In electric powered rokuro production, there is no time to think while making, there is atmosphere that can not be discharged by any means,

the form has been decided and the deviation from the form of self was great. Currently,

I realize that I make things with confidence in my hands, but I am thinking about making the next before the work I am making now is completed, the work is always incomplete.



1962 Born in Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture

1999 Studied under Mr. Koji Arata

2002 Shiga Prefectural Ceramic Forest Studio / Artist

2004 Building in Kasama city



One Japanese Ceramics Exhibition Candidate Award Candidate 3 times

Traditional Japanese craft exhibition selection 4 times

East Japan traditional craft exhibition 6 times selected

Ceramic exhibition 5 times selected

Kikuchi Biennale Encouragement Prize · 2 winners

International Ceramics Exhibition Mino Selected 2 times

Kobe Biennale Encouragement Prize · 1 winner

Present pottery Hagi Grand Prize Excellence Award · 1 winner

Nagao Akira Tokoname Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition 3 times selection

Asahi Ceramics Exhibition 3 times selection

Mashiko Ceramics Exhibition One winner 


Solo exhibition / group exhibition / exhibition exhibition

Solo Exhibition Gallery White Cubu

Solo Exhibition Kyoto Takashimaya

Solo Exhibition Mito Keisei Department Store Art Gallery

Layered - Layers of glaze · Layer of soil (Ibaraki prefecture ceramics art museum / Kasama)

Ceramics of Contemporary Ibaraki (Ibaraki Prefecture Ceramic Art Museum / Kasama)

Modern · ceramic art phenomenon (Ibaraki prefecture ceramics art museum / Kasama)

Contemporary Ceramics & Guide (Ibaraki Prefecture Ceramic Art Museum / Kasama)


Solo exhibition WAKA (Hong Kong)

The 2nd Shanghai international Ceramic & Fire Wood Art Festival (Shanghai)

Japanese Arts and Culture Exhibition (Taiwan)

Public Collection

Ibaraki Prefecture Ceramic Art Museum 



Member of the Japan Arts Crafts Association

Japan Ceramic Art Association

Ibaraki Arts Club

Ibaraki Prefecture Art Exhibition Member