Japanese Noodles


 Udon (うどん)


There are two kinds of traditional noodles.



They are udon and soba.


Udon is made from wheat flour and is widely used mainly in western Japan. 





Soba (そば)


Soba(buckwheat) is derived from plants that are relatively easy to cultivate

when the weather is cold or the soil is not fertile.


This soba is buckwheat flour, then kneaded, finely cut, and cooked to eat.


It is blessed mainly in Tokyo and other East Japan. 


Both dishes are prepared with hot soup with various ingredients.



In the summer you can eat the noodles soaked in chilled soup. 






Ramen (ラーメン)


In recent year, a Chinese brand of noodle known as Ramen,

when prepared Japanese style, has rapidly permeated the Japanese sense of taste.



Instant Ramen in particular in only a few decades has captured the national fancy.


It is now sold all over the world as a kind of “Japanese noodle soup.”







If you have the opportunity to visit Japan,

please eat three kinds of noodles, udon, soba, ramen and compare.


There are other noodles in Japan as well. Somen,

fried noodles, cold noodles and so on.



Each noodle is served in a Utsuwa (vessel) that matches it.