Donburi  (Bowl of rice with a topping) (どんぶり)



Japanese cuisine usually comes with rice in rice bowls (Chawan)

and side dishes served on other plates.


With donburi-mono, however rice is served in a porcelain bowl, larger than Chawan,

with various kinds of ingredients on top, and this constitutes a complete meal.




Typical ingredients include Japanese fried food,

pork cutlets, boiled eel, chicken, eggs, tuna sashimi.



In recent cities, the number of shops specializing in Donburi Mono is increasing,

and there are abundant variety of dishes prepared in the menu.




The store that has "beef bowl" which is Doburi made of beef has expanded its business to the US and Europe.







Tenpura (Japanese fried food) (てんぷら)


This is a typical modern Japanese cuisine.



For fish, shellfish, vegetables, etc., dissolve the flour in water,

deep fried with hot cooking oil, soak in a special soup and eat.



Its unique characteristic is its light taste,

it is different from fried foods which are directly coated with flour and fried.



The ingredients are abundant and plentiful,

and the best ingredients are prepared at restaurants and at home.



Tenpura donburi (or ten-don) is a widely popular menu item.