Green tea (茶・ちゃ)



Tea was originally produced in temperate tropical regions of Southeast Asia.


Japanese tea has the same derivative word

as "Tea" in English and "The '" in French, for example.



Just as British make tea a part of everyday life,

tea is indispensable to people's lives in Japan.



Japanese customs have "refreshment time" at 3 pm and often eat sweets and tea. 




However, the tea ceremony of tea is completely different from the tea

which is used every day, and the tea ceremony

which raises its personality by incorporating the spirit of Zen

was developed in the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1573-1603)

and has been widely practiced today. 




Because Buddhist priests originally used Japanese tea(Cha) as a medicine,

it is known that it contains many vitamins and it is said to be very good for health.