Foods of soybean ingredients



Soy sauce 醤油


Soy sauce is a unique Japanese condiment made from soy beans.



The English word “soy” derives from the Japanese word Shoyu.



This outstanding condiment, a brown liquid with a peculiar smell,

is essential for most Japanese cooking.



Accordingly, one can say that it constitutes the basis of the Japanese people’s sense of taste.




Without Soy sauce, the Japanese can’t eat Sukiyaki, Sashlml

or even season any of their cooking.



Soy sauce recently has sold well in the US. and 5 other Western countries,

and has been used as seasoning for steak and other foods.



“Teriyaki steak” is grilled with a sauce based on Soy sauce.




Bean curd (Tofu) 豆腐


Tofu is a jelly-like food, made from soybeans.

Rich in protein, it can be eaten as it is with soy sauce,

while it is also used as an Ingredient in various dishes,

being a food with abundant applications.




At present it is highlighted as health-food and has even indicated as a reason

for the long life expectancy of the Japanese people.


In the United States and other countries,

“Tofu steak ” has appeared as health-food on restaurant menus.




Soy bean paste (Miso) 味噌


Like soy sauce, miso is made from soy beans.



It is a paste-like condiment mostly in a brown color.



Many Japanese have miso soup for breakfast.



The hot soup is made by adding several ingredients to broth,

for example, tofu, seaweeds, or vegetables, then stirring in the soy bean paste.




In addition to soup, it is used as seasoning for

Ramen(a Chinese brand of noodle), rice balls, and all kinds of cookpot dishes. 


Fish or meat pickled in this miso keep for a long time

and, yet with enhanced taste.



Soy bean paste is also an important condiment

that is indispensable to the Japanese people.



Recently, miso soup in particular has been valued as a health food

that contributes to a balanced diet.





Fermented soybeans (Natto) 納豆


Natto is made by cooking soybeans and putting them into a pipe made from straw

to allow the natto fungus to propagate.



The soybeans ferment and rope are sticky.



A food peculiar to Japan, it is a popular breakfast item eaten mainly in the eastern part of the Japan Islands;

it is not really liked in the western part.


However, recently it is popular as healthy food for a balanced diet,

and numbers of people who eat it are gradually increasing even in the western part.